Boid Frontier Rewards Program

Boid 2.0

Over the course of the past year a new Boid platform has been developed from the ground up. The new system has a few key goals that will take Boid to the next level.

  1. Everything is on-chain without any reliance on a central server.

  2. Users can login and perform all actions without needing a crypto wallet.

  3. Users and team leaders can earn rewards for inviting new active users.

  4. Trustless oracle data feeds using staking and slashing incentives.

  5. Power-Mods: The ability to generate or multiply Boid Power via smart contract logic.

  6. Offers: You can exchange tokens and NFTs for various rewards, nearly infinite offer combinations are possible.

    • Examples:
      • Spend 1000 Boid in exchange for a PowerMod
      • Burn an NFT to get BOID stake delegated to you
      • Earn a BOID bonus when you reach specific contribution milestones on your team.
  7. Improved UX: The new web app is being totally reworked by a professional blockchain UX designer to improve usability.

  8. Rewritten desktop app: The new Boid Desktop app is written in Rust using the Tauri framework. The new application has improved performance and reliability.

To learn more about the new Boid system contracts check out the documentation.

Boid Frontier

At the end of 2022 we shut down the legacy (existing) boid account system at and we are now encouraging everyone to start contributing on Testnet at If all goes well during the Testnet phase, then the new Boid system will go live on Telos Mainnnet in 2023. The beta period we are calling “Boid Frontier” and it will be made up of rewards for active contributors and bounties for users that make useful feature and bug reports. The goal of Boid Frontier is to test the new Boid system and iterate quickly based on community feedback.

Earning Frontier Rewards

  • Follow the instructions on the homepage at
  • Make sure you have the Folding@Home client running and connected to your testnet boid id to earn Boid Power and rewards.
  • Link your Testnet account to your EOS and Telos accounts: You need to login to your testnet boid account at and then visit your account page at Click the “Update Account Info” Button and provide your EOS and Telos account names. These linked accounts will receive Boid Frontier rewards.
  • Account Frontier Rewards are based on how active an account is, try each function on each page, if you don’t understand some functions, ask the community for guidance. The homepage has some hints to get you started.
  • Purchase new invite codes and invite your friends. When you invite real people to Boid Frontier you can earn exclusive NFTs. Don’t create fake accounts to try and cheat the system, we will require unique verification for invited users to be counted as valid for this reward.
  • Submit Improvement/Feature proposals: About the Features-Improvements category
  • Submit Frontier Bug Reports: About the bug-report category

Notice for all Frontier Participants, make sure to link your Mainnet accounts to your Boid ID:


I will have to check my settings becauss it was a while ago when it was originally configured. Is it still the F&H servers or did the world computer return. Hope it didn’t turn sentient and is at open war with the other AIs. (There was a TV show to that effect) Person Of Interest I believe.

I won’t be home for another week or so though and didn’t leave a way to remote in cause aj left in a rush. Look forward to checking out 2.0 as well.

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Yes yes yes good projekt