About the bug-report category

Posting bugs in this forum will be reviewed by moderators before they are made public.

Frontier Bug Reports

Bug reports are critical as the frontier codebase is new. Bug Reports should be submitted using the #bug-report tag. Bug Reports will receive a severity rating from the core developers.

  1. Not critical: $10 - $50 in token rewards.
  2. Critical $50 - $500 in token rewards and rare NFT.
  3. Fatal: from $1000 - $5000 in token rewards and 1of1 NFT.

Bug report rewards will be paid monthly.

Bug report template

Bug name

Should be short and unique (be creative if you can)


Summarize the bug

How to exploit

Include a description of how to exploit the bug on testnet

Exploitation results

Describe what happens when the exploit is performed, link to an example on testnet, describe what the expected outcome should be in your example.

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