Boid on the Mainnet!

Boid 2.0 Rewards Program

We are starting 2024 with a bang! We have finished testing functionality and smart contracts on the Telos Testnet and now we are ready to move to Telos Native Mainnet on the 22nd January 2024.

Boid 2.0 important features:

  1. Everything is on-chain without any reliance on a central server.
  2. Users can login and perform all actions without needing a crypto wallet.
  3. Users and team leaders can earn rewards for inviting new active users.
  4. Trustless oracle data feeds using staking and slashing incentives.
  5. Power-Mods: The ability to generate or multiply Boid Power via smart contract logic.
  6. Offers: You can exchange tokens and NFTs for various rewards, nearly infinite offer combinations are possible.
  • Examples:
    • Spend 1000 BOID in exchange for a PowerMod
    • Burn an NFT to get BOID stake delegated to you
    • Earn a BOID bonus when you reach specific contribution milestones on your team.
  1. Admin portal so we can create new teams easily and change global parameters with a DAO multi-sign.
  2. Ability to add more protocols than in the previous versions of Boid. At the moment we support Folding@Home only but soon we will be able to add: Denis@Home, Einstein@Home, Rosetta@Home, SiDock@Home, World Community Grid, AI generated images, AI Custom Models/Work.

To learn more about the new Boid system contracts check out the documentation.

Earning Frontier Rewards (from 22nd Jan 2024)

  • Follow the instructions on the homepage at
  • Make sure you have the Folding@Home client running and connected to your boid_id to earn Boid Power and rewards.
  • Account Frontier Rewards are based on how active an account is, try each function on each page, if you don’t understand some functions, ask the community for guidance. The homepage has some hints to get you started.
  • Purchase new invite codes and invite your friends.
  • Submit Improvement/Feature proposals: About the Features-Improvements category
  • Submit Frontier Bug Reports: About the bug-report category

I figured it out lol. MY ID
Anywho I must have a crappy PC because in all those years I have around 9000 from the test session thats on my wallet and I have 426 self staking but not sure Im even doing it right.

what hardware do you have? is it working 24/7?

you can do a simulation with staking on what you can get

I cannot login with my Boid ID to the hub. I tried also telegram bot and nothing happened

do you have an account on Telos Mainnet or Telos Testnet? We moved to Mainnet few months back and you would need to create a new account…