About the Features-Improvements category

Boid improvement proposals

An essential way to earn Frontier rewards is to propose new features or functionality. In order for your proposal to be eligible it must follow the below template and it needs to be comprehensive.


Each valid proposal made can earn the author $25 worth of BOID tokens plus an exclusive NFT. The top 5 proposals as voted by the community will receive $200 of BOID tokens and an utra rare NFT.


Proposals should be posted in this forum using the #features-improvements tag. The community will vote on the best proposals.

Proposal Template

Proposal name

should be short and unique, more creative names could get extra votes.


Describe the new feature or improvement and summarize the major points.


Describe the problem your proposal would solve, give examples.


Describe your solution in detail.


Describe how the solution could be implemented, you should include how the implementation would look like at the most basic level (minimum viable implementation) as well as an ideal “full featured” implementation.

Cost and timeline

How long do you think the feature/improvement would take to implement. What kind of manpower or other resources would need to be provided.

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