Folding@Home Payouts and migration

Hello Fellow Boiders!
We’re setting up cut-off date (2nd January 2023) for migration all of the active Folding@Home miners from the “old” way of naming where your Telos Mainnet account name would be setup in your Folding@Home miner to a new way where your boid_id account name should be setup in the application.

So as you can see in the example here - normally seen inside FAHControl Client Advanced Control App.
This is the way it should be setup:


Team: 238663 (number of the team on Folding@Home portal)
Name: seth.voice (example of a boid_id that is setup on the Telos Testnet → HERE )

Another important thing to setup is Accounts tab in

In here in “Update Account Info” section you can enter your EOS Mainnet account and Telos Mainnet Account

This is important to be filled in properly so we can send you rewards in the most efficient way while we are testing things out.

All outstanding pay-outs will be sent on the cut-out day on 2nd of January 2023. After this date whoever has not changed their f@home app details properly will not get any rewards.

some ref links to create testnet boid_id accounts:

Final Folding@Home payouts done

new payouts will only be processed on the new system.
Please remember to add your EOS and Telos mainnet account in the Social section → Account Metadata >> Update Account Info