Stake APR change proposition

I would like to propose to lower BOID stake APR from 70% to 20% by 3% every month for 16 months and on 17 month by 2%. The change should help to stabilize the currency and raise the token value.
This change should be spread out so it wouldn’t be a sudden drastic change to token economy.
Please discuss and share your thoughts.

I think it’s a solid idea but needs more specifics on what values should be adjusted.

If you show me me how your script works maybe I could make some simulations. but yes you are right it would be good to see some specifics. It would be nice to have an economist to do a proper report :wink:

simulation for existing model showed with parameters
1 day period

1 day period
with stake difficulty changed by 50% up

1 day period
with stake diff changed by 60% up

period of 1 year. This is what we have NOW

1 year period 60% up stake diff

this one is 1 year period with
from ‘199000000.00000000000000000’,
to ‘109900000.00000000000000000’,

I think let’s try and keep the stake vs power profit metric over 200% minimum. This helps to ensure the utility and importance of the BOID token, and rewards loyal network participants. With Chintai and stake delegation, it is easier than ever for anyone to get a stake with a little effort.

Well, Chintai Chintai where are you when we need you?

I think the social invite feature in Boid should have an automatic stake delegation function, so when you invite someone, you can automatically stake to them for some amount of time. Chintai is probably more for advanced users. We can build a simple UI into Boid that uses the Chintai market on the backend.

Using the new network sim calculator available at

The calculator assumes that all accounts have the same stake, but you get a rough idea of potential network inflation. Currently the calculator is predicting an inflation of around 2M BOID per day with a userbase of 700 users. Additionally, our coin statistics dashboard is tracking an actual inflation rate that averages an inflation of 1.5M per day.

The network inflation rate is at least 50% higher than our target goals.

My Proposal

  • Increase staking difficulty 10% from 450 to 495
  • Increase power difficulty 20% from 20 to 24
  • Decrease PStake Ratio to 1%
  • Keep PStake Multiplier at the current value of 450
  • Reduce the minimum Stake requirement from 100k to 0

According to the calculator, this would reduce the daily inflation rate from 2M to 1.7M. I predict the on-chain results to take us from a daily average of 1.5M to around 1.1M.

How this impacts an end user:

Power: 5000
Stake: 1,000,000
Daily Profitability
Before: 2,137
After: 1,924
If this user was to increase their stake to 1,100,000
Profitability after stake: 2,100

This means a 100k increase in stake would allow an average user to continue to earn at profitability from before the change happened. To encourage communication around this proposal the Boid DAC will be providing a free 100k BOID stake for the duration of Season 4 to any users who participate in this conversation.

If we have community consensus on a proposal, we will make an on-chain proposal to be signed by the BOID DAC on Jan 10th. Additionally we are working on an inflation formula which would be able to suggest these variable changes in a more formulaic way in the future. This would allow us to automate the inflation parameter updates. Take a look at a sneak peak of the formula.

How to get a free 100k BOID stake?

Just reply to this thread with your thoughts about this proposal and your EOS account name. If you disagree, feel free to propose alternative values here for feedback. Don’t forget you can use the simulator at to test out different values.

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agree with this proposition. Let’s get the ball rolling! :motivator: :motivator: :motivator: :power: :power: :power:

Sounds good to me, the Global Sim is nice to alter the variables and see the outcome. I like the 100k stake not taking off any profitability while the actions taken reduce the inflation.


I’ve been pretty absent for the last season, but back on board again. Big fan of the new calculator


Not sure if I am a fan on this, I think the weighting of stakers vs non stakers need to be proportional to network growth.

I believe that if my math is correct moving the staking difficulty up 23% and left the power difficulty while making the other changes would have the same effect and would allow more new users to join and effectively earn more boid, instead of keeping boid earnings with the whales.

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Two things that caught my attention:

PStake Multiplier – consider increasing this fractionally based on longevity in the number of seasons / amount of Boid “invested”… For instance, a member that has invested 1M Boid for each of 4 seasons shows more commitment than a member that has invested 1M for only 1 season. Similarly, a member that continues to increase invested during each season also does.

Reduce the minimum Stake requirement from 100K to 0 – I personally disagree here… Though I don’t have that much staked, I’d hate to remove the minimum amount entirely. Financially, 100K is financially insignificant… Perhaps down the road when Boid’s value increases significantly this should be revisited.

…notifying my College-graduated kids to chime in…

I dont quite understand the metrics but I am for having minimum stake reduced to a lower number.
Eos: jameswang215

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I’m for whatever John and Gary say. I’m sure they know better than I do. :slight_smile:

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