Boid community social rewards

Currently users can generate additional Boid Power based on the power of users they invite. The system works fine, but there are several issues with the implementation which need to be resolved before the system can scale.

Issues with current Social Boid Power implementation:

  • Additional power is created “out of thin air” which is antithetical to how Boid Power should work, all Boid Power should be linked to some unique contribution or resource.
  • The top beneficiaries of Boid Power are not dynamic, there is little movement or changes in ranking of individuals on the “Social Power” leaderboard.
  • Team leaders benefit the most from social power, but the new token economics sets aside some dedicated inflation for team leaders, making the social power redundant.

Since the existing social Boid Power function is being phased out, it would be great for the community to help develop a new social incentive framework to encourage and reward users to invite others to join Boid.


  1. 250,000 BOID
    Develop documentation around a new social incentive system, how should users be reward? Some examples might be sharing Boid on social media etc. Should the reward funds come from the Boid Worker proposal system? How do we prevent users from abusing the system while also keeping things as decentralized as we can? Try to be comprehensive.
  2. 250,000 BOID
    Technical documentation. How could the new system be constructed in a technical way? What data would the Boid Validators need to provide into the system to track user activity. What smart contracts need to be built to power this functionality? A technical person should be able to follow the documentation to write the code.
  3. 2,000,000 BOID
    Technical implementation. Build out the code described in the documentation. Include unit tests and testnet/mainnet deployments. Include additional technical documentation. This could be an extension to an existing Boid smart contract.
  4. 500,000 BOID
    Develope a Vue UI component to be added to the existing Boid UI which displays relevant information.

Should “Social Power” be a type of Boid Power just like from WCG or POW mining, or should it be a totally different metric in the Boid ecosystem? Let’s start a conversation.

Ok so regarding milestone no.1
I think we already found a way to do it. We spoke before about implementing into creating challenges on boid. so the original idea was that invites done by ambassadors accepted by new users would give 100 BOID when new user goes through certain steps: register, connect eos account, install device, go above 1000 BOID power.

We could design it in a way that there is no social power per se… but there are bonuses given to users and users who invited those users also get bonuses but much slower

for example user registers and changes his profile picture - gets 5 BOID and users who invited him/her gets 1 BOID

user registers new device on his profile - gets 5 BOID and users who invited him/her gets 1 BOID

user connects his/hers eos account on the portal - gets 5 BOID and users who invited him/her gets 1 BOID

Other bonus examples for events like:
changed username
changed tagline
joined a new team
done first stake
device reached 500 boid power
1000 boid power
2000 boid power
and so on…

reached power tier 1
and so on…

invited 5 people
invited 10 people
and so on…

top 1000 users on boid
top 50
top 10
top 5

when user reaches:
top 100 boid token holders
top 50
top 25
and so on

Generally all bonuses would be taken from WPS
they would only be paid once and with ratio for example 4:1 BOID

Regarding sharing stuff on different portals and so on I think it’s better just to rely on how effective those campaigns are so in this case when a new user registers and goes through these challenges then him/her is rewarded.

In addition it would be good to show badges on each profile when they reach a certain milestone.

Everything thanks to can be tracked on blockchain and we could design something that it would also write additional info on blockchain that states that this user already has this and this badge so he/her is not allowed to get bonuses twice…

How do you prevent users from creating fresh accounts and doing the bare minimum to get some free BOID? One solution is to require the account to maintain a certain amount of power before they can get paid, this would make it more difficult to fake.

I like the idea of badges that are displayed on user profiles. Also the idea of a “Season Pass” that unlocks some unique rewards when you hit different milestones.

we could prevent it by adding additional step in the challenge that would look if that particular eos account already had some bonuses payed. same with email accounts, or is the idea to have no traditional user accounts and only do everything on the blockchain?