Uplift Nation Donation Proposal

I know that we don’t have an official DAC released yet but I think we could vote for that now and just decide by the poll.
Uplift Nation is a great project and I think our community should support it by donating 10 mln BOID tokens from the WPF.
You can take a look at their project and what they do here: https://www.upliftnation.io
Talk to them on Telegram on: https://t.me/UpliftNation
Latest Video by mBlu was very informative and you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTqj7PGkIiM

So common Boid Community!

  • Yes, donate 10 mln
  • No, don’t donate anything
  • Let’s donate but different amount

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If you have an idea for a different donation amount please put it in comments.

Status of WPF on 22nd Feb 2020 = 74,226,204 BOID

May the Boid be with you.

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Proposal went through and waiting for Validators Vote https://bloks.io/msig/animusvalid3/upliftdonati4

Thank you everyone! Transfer to Uplift Nation has been executed!