Transferring Boid to Testnet

Hey guys, pretty new here. Trying to figure out how to transfer EOS boid to the testnet. I was following the tutorial but was getting errors on Any help or insight would be appreciated! Thanks!


you cannot transfer mainnet tokens to testnet.
what are you trying to achieve exactly?

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Trying to upgrade for gold account .

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if you give us your boid_id we can send you some BOID testnet tokens

No way, much appreciated! woodmang.oid

Thanks :grinning:

transfer done

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Sorry for all of the questions , I am under join on the testnet and when I type in the prefix I am prompted with owner authentication required .

can you give us more details and some screenshots please :slight_smile:

when I hit pay with boid account that is the prompt I receive.

to upgrade to a gold account you can visit your account page at:

make sure you are logged in, then click the “remove sponsor” button in the “other” box.

This will remove your sponsor which upgrades you to a gold account, gold accounts don’t pay a cut of their earnings to the sponsor and also can create their own invites/become sponsors. Also gold accounts can hold multiple active powermods at a time and likely more advantages in the future.

This worked, thank you again guys for your help!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi All,
I have same the same problem, is it possıble to share with me some testnet BOID tokens and make a gold account?
Mt Boid ID: theditor.oid
Thanks in advance

omg I didn’t see this message hah
do you still need those tokens on the testnet?