The Boidcast Bounty + Brainstorming

The Boidcast!

A community run podcast that will cover topics around science, technology, blockchain, governance, society, and obviously Boid!

The Objective
To grow the Boid brand with content our community can enjoy while also attracting new users from other communities.

As the Boidcast audience and reach expands, it could be a powerful promotional tool for the top Boid teams on the leaderboards. For example, we could guarantee one episode per month that would focus on a top-performing Boid team, this would give team leaders an additional incentive to participate, as we are giving them a tool to promote their own brand. I think some episodes can be devoted to internal Boid topics, while other episodes could be focused on totally different projects.

If you have ideas for future episodes please post them in this thread. Also, if anyone would like to guest host, help with promotion, production, editing, etc. Speak out!


  1. 10,000,000 BOID
    Recurring payout of 200,000 BOID per episode. This payment could potentially be split between multiple parties who contribute towards the production of the episode. Up to 4 episodes per month. 30 min to 2hr max podcast length.
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Konner Moshier here! I have successfully published 2 episodes so far on Boidcast. See links below and my EOS account.

Episode 1

Episode 2

EOS account: fieldcommand

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Also I think it would be cool to integrate the Podcast more into the competition so that new teams joining would know that they might be approached regarding the podcast.

Top teams could get a special feature and the like.

Another idea is that as that as it increases in popularity when a top team gets featured we could do a Boid giveaway that would be distributed to the team proportionally or something. A way to give back to the top teams on Boid.

Great work, payment sent:

Sure, I think it’s a great idea.