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Hello Community!
Because of changes in Combot licencing we need $143.9 in crypto for a 12 month license for the telegram channel. Combot’s recent issues were caused by a sudden spike in demand for resources as huge number of users joined the ranks. That’s why to cover their costs they had to change their charges.
If you would like us to get the license you can donate some coin to boiddonations and the rest we could take from the WPF. What do you think?
Please share with us your thoughts.

  • Yes, let’s do it
  • No, this is a bad idea
  • Other (please comment)

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Nick just proposed
what do you guys think?
the issue I can see with it is that it doesn’t have a crypto payment option…

after investigating it I think modr8 is a great idea… many more options, cheaper and yes… I was wrong there is an option to pay in crypto for it

  • Let’s get for 12 months for 96$
  • No, we don’t need a bot
  • Other option (please comment)

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I just donated 5 EOS towards Telegram Bot subscription. Please join me!

There you go!

ok guys managed to get subscription for modr8 until 7th of August for doing some translations for them

Chat Details
└ Name: Official [English]
├ Status: standard
├ Starts: 18:39:49 05 April 2020
└ Ends: 15:07:07 07 August 2020

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@I_Seth is a hero!
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