The Boid app uses “Wildrig” miner for AMD GPUs. However, recently Ravencoin forked to a new algorithm “x16rv2” and Wildrig has not been updated to support this. Until the matter is resolved, AMD users can follow this guide to manually configure a different miner to connect to the Boid mining pool.

Getting Started

You will need to download mining software for your AMD GPU and boid device ID of your computers CPU, automatically generated by the boid application.

Step 1: Download the “Mining Software”

Download for AMD GPU

Word of caution for x16rv2 teamredminer includes a 2.5% dev fee. We have no control over this, we are keeping a close eye on Wildrig, but for now, they don’t seem interested in integrating x16rv2.

Step 2: Get your device id.

A. In a Chrome browser, go to and make sure you are logged in.

B. Hit the F12 key on your keyboard to open the console.

C. In the console, look for the text: userData from Init (expand it by clicking the arrow)

D. Click the 3 dots next to devices {…} and expand the devices array.

E. Pick any device and expand it. (Only 0 will appear if just 1 device is attached.)

F. Click there 3 dots next to id {…}

G. Find id and copy the long string of text. (example: “cjq2w21yh05480923hwdwui1b”)

That long string of text is what you’ll need to get credited for your mining efforts.

Step 3 - Configure the Miner

Now you need to configure the mining software to start hashing. The pool is located at RavenMiningPool. It doesn’t matter which Raven wallet address is used because as I said before, the pool is set to 100% fee, and you’re being paid in Boid Power and when the pool mines a block you receive bonus Boid rewards.

The most important point is your boid user id which is the string of characters shown in step “2G” above. This ensures that the rewards are credited to your account, and paid to your attached EOS account.

Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the mining software and edit the .bat file called start_x16rv2 by right-clicking the file and clicking Edit.

Next, go to the line below:

(Copy and paste the line below, replacing your user ID below in Bold with the string of text you copied in step 2G above):

teamredminer.exe -a x16rv2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u RDpPHx43bhrmdyd8L6BcpkHtjuc1vMpNSk.cjq2w21yh05480923hwdwui1b -p x

Save the file, ensuring it remains a .bat file.

Now you can start the miner by double-clicking on the start_x16rv2.bat file.

You should now connect to the boid raven pool and begin seeing work/jobs being accepted.

It can take around 10hrs for the GPU power to appear on the device power list. Please be patient, if after 12-16 hrs you still don’t see any GPU power please ask in the official Boid Telegram channel.

Boid Official Telegram Group

The Boid Team

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latest version of wildrig has been released with support to x16rv2 protocol

so hopefully noone needs to do the manual setup

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