Stake starts from 0!

Thanks to the engagement of the community and after viral discussion we made changes to the Boid economy. We had 19 people involved actively with several proposals.

Settings now:

Stake Difficulty changed from 450 to 500
Power difficulty stayed the same on 19.9
PStake Multiplier stayed the same on 450
PStake Ratio changed from 1.5 to 1
Minimum Stake amount lowered from 100k to 0

This was our first MultiSignature implementation from BoidDAC (eos account: boiddacowner).
Change was proposed on chain by @john and it was approved by validator accounts

We’re working on a BoidDAC portal where everyone should have a user friendly experience and be able to see future, past and executed changes made by the community - for the community.

All users! Please make sure to check profit calculator on and stake your BOID tokens to maximize your earnings!!!

May the Boid be with you.