Ravencoin Blockchain Hard Fork

GPU Miners! The Ravencoin Blockchain has forked!

For NVIDIA Miners:
We have updated the Boid Desktop app to utilize a new pool + new trex miner app.

To get the new miner app and connect to the new pool, you need to open the GPU Settings (Gear icon on GPU section of the Desktop app) Then click the red RESET button.

This will delete your local miner app and restart the Boid app, next time you enable the GPU section, the Boid app will download the latest version of t-rex and connect to the correct pool.

For AMD Miners:
The new version of Wildrig (AMD Miner app) is not yet available, we expect it will be available soon and will let you know when it’s ready.

Manual Configuration (advanced users only)
This is only necessary if you want to run the GPU miner outside of the Boid app.

Download the latest trex miner:

Create a .bat file with this text, replace YOURDEVICEID with your Boid Device id.

@echo off
t-rex -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://rvn-us-east1.nanopool.org:12222 -u RFwjWWCLbKQQjTtAjwZeRb2HzqT1Jkpfff.YOURDEVICEID -p x
goto start

You can check the status here:

There was a bug with the previous version of trex GPU miner. This has caused many Boid users to drop from the mining pool. You need to reset the GPU section of the BOID app to get the latest version which will enable you to resume mining.

The latest version of Wildrig has now been whitelisted for the Boid app. Go into the GPU settings panel and hit RESET to get the latest version and start mining on the new pool.

Please report any problems you encounter here, thanks!