Promotional Graphics to get more WPF funds

This is a “Worker Proposal Fund” (WPF) Project.
To get more funds into WPF I would like to get more promotional material created.
We need graphics that we can put for sale as on the example I created:

I think 100 000 BOID for every incredible graphic that we can put on the promotional material.

Need to be BOID related.

  • Yes! Let’s do it!
  • I think 100 000 BOID is not enough
  • No
  • Other (please give different option)

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Great idea. I really like the simplicity of your current designs to be fair. I’ve always liked your logo.
I do a lot of graphic design in my spare time so I might put together a few examples for you to consider. Could I ask, what is the name of the font you use for the boid logo?

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I wish this was my design but this is the question for @john who knows who actually designed logo and so on. I only used existing material and created a profile on viralstyle and I’m trying to get some ideas and to try to get some funds for out global WPF.
I do like the original material created and the branding.

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Actually the font used is called Comfortaa

I just use the default weight, no modifications necessary.

That’s great that you do graphic design, here is some Boid art if you need reference:

I’d be happy to increase the BOID bounty, and talk about profit sharing on any merchandise. I think the Boid community would be excited to see some custom Boid art merchandise.

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I can creat some content


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