Please vote on Boid Telos Proposal

Please vote on our proposal on Telos:
Telos Chain Nodes Stats (slea2etgte2f)

Boid Telos Proposal

Cool, I have Voted :slight_smile:


No idea how to vote for telos proposals anymore. Proposals not in SQRL or anchor.

So how do we vote???

Do you have this tool available on EOS mainnet?
Looks like it would be helpful and would like to try on mainnet if available.

link was provided above.
register and you can vote

no, it’s no available on EOS Mainnet.

Speaking of, when anchor wallet support on boid app for staking/unstaking ?Please vote on Boid Telos Proposal

that’s a very good question… @john ? :wink:

Thank you to everyone voted!
The tool is working now and collecting data:

We’re planning to release some additional options in the future.
:motivator: :motivator: :motivator: