Onboard new Boid team leaders for Season 3!

Boid Season 3 will launch on October 21st. We have a one month period in between breaks to onboard new teams to participate in season three.

Do you know of a community that would fit on the Boid leaderboards? You can earn some BOID for onboarding new communities to Boid.

New teams do not have to be from the blockchain space. We would like to expand the Boid community into PC gaming and PC hardware enthusiast communities. Think about communities made of users who already have access to good PC hardware and would enjoy engaging with the competitive gamification elements of Boid.


  1. 250,000 BOID
    Make initial contact with a potential community and communicate with a major influencer inside that community. If they are interested in starting a Boid team, you should be responsible for walking them through the initial steps (stake BOID for their team, setup team bonuses, promote Boid to their specific community)

  2. 250,000 BOID
    Sometimes it’s difficult to get a team leader to commit to running the Boid team but they are still interested in participating somehow. In that circumstance you can act as the team leader for the Boid team and you will be responsible for the team leader responsibilities throughout the season. This is a larger time commitment.

Additional Resources
Additionally, we have a dedicated telegram group for Team Leaders full of people willing to help.

New Boid Teams must come from an existing community with an active social following. Team Leaders must be influencers in that community or have permission from community moderators to act on behalf of the brand. This bounty is for existing Boid community members.

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