OMG! WCG is down!

Hey Boid Masters!

As you all know, we’ve been using World community grid until now, but they are under maintenance as a final phase of their WCG migration to the Krembil is on the way. (You can get more info on that checking their Facebook and Twitter accounts).:eyes:

But do not worry at all, because as a temporary measure we are switching over to FOLDING@HOME:, a great computing project that is involved with amazing research projects like: Breast Cancer, Epigenetics, Kidney Cancer and p53.
You can check them all out in detail on their website!

Hand in hand with WCG, we’ve been very involved in their research on Mapping Cancer Markers (check the link if you need a little info on that too), so joining FOLDING@HOME broadens our reach to help a widest variety of Cancer related projects :raised_hands: .

And great news, we will try to get FOLDING@HOME implemented in the new version of the Boid desktop app as an additional module, so the sooner you get the grasp of it and enjoy it, the better :adult:‍:wrench: .

But now the important question… What exactly do you need to do to start using it right away?
Here are some simple instructions you need to follow to set everything up!

First step:
First things first. You need a Telos account!
If you don’t already have it you can get it fo free from Wombat Wallet or on Telegram using @TeloscopeBot

Second step:

And of course, you can still generate Boid power using your GPU and powerpools

There will be a pool of 2.5 mln BOID tokens to share weekly between accounts that will crunch work units from folding@home

May the Boid be with you!

Please follow the instructions here now:

You need to use your boid ID instead of your telos account from now on.

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