Offering myself to translate the site

hELLO! Just wanted to post this to let you all know that I’m proposing myself to HELP TRANSLATING THE SITE AND THE APP CODE (not teh actual code, thoughm just the words users see i guess)

I offer translation in the following ways:
eng > spa
eng > fr

I can do it both in app (both on iOS an Android, if required) and also on PC/Linux

Hope this message is read by admins and i’m considered at least for a small partime job since im unemplouyed :slight_smile:
great idea, the way you propose your site and lend your hardware to others by the way.

Keep growing!


hey maybe we could start approaching Spanish speakers and promoting Boid?
this is a Spanish Telegram group:
We have a profile on crowdin for translation but we haven’t really done anything towards preparing the site and the app for other languages. @john I think we should have a talk about it on our next DAC meeting. this is the profile @Jose_Z
we can for sure create a bounty for it in the future.

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I agree. Translating the UI into other languages would be good. Spanish is a good start.