New Stake calculator live

The new BOID stake calculator is now live at
Give it a try, and let us know what you think. Thanks!


Regarding this change to anyone who is a little confused by it!

First of all your Boid Power is calculated on the chain now. Main site bit here:

is NOT your real power. It will be updated soon though.

When you go to site as a default your power is taken from the chain so it will show it accurately on the calculator.

Your BOID stake in the calculator is your staked BOID tokens, you can type different amount there and check how your BOID earnings change.
Max Powered stake is dependent from your BOID Power so when you type in different amount there, you will see change on your Max Powered Stake.
Anything above your Max Powered Stake will go to Worker Fund (WPF).
As you can see It’s a good idea to stake at least your Max Powered Stake amount to get more BOID Tokens.

You can check your power manually on chain now by going to site:

You will have to type in YOUR EOS account name in “Scope” field and press on “Refresh table” to see your real power in quantity field.

A thing to add is that when you actually claim your BOID - power info is based on submitted power reports by the node validators since the last time you claimed, so the power always fluctuates.
All of this EXCLUDES team and tier bonuses.

It looks like the power is updating now properly!

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ok guys because of the new changes to the way you earn your BOID tokens I will delegate stake for 30 days of 100 000 BOID to whoever needs it, please dm me your eos account name so I can do it! thx!

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