New dashboard option request

On Discord ## Salamandyr wrote on 07/07/2019

would still love a feature that tells me from the dashboard if the boid instance on a machine is running. this would let me know before boidpower has started to accumulate or in the case of a crashed machine, much sooner than i’d notice the boidpower dropping…
the lightening bolt icon doesn’t seem to represent boid being active, just if it’s recently done a work unit, since it only shows up after boidpower starts to change, but a tweak to make that bolt show/notshow based on the instance bing active at all might be a good solution, unless it’s being used in some other way now.

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What about in addition getting some more info next to each device like CPU and GPU make and model.
In this case if CPU and GPU should be active on that particular machine a green/red icon would should it’s status…