Marking strategies for

Coinkeeper AMA series channel, it’s a channel made of over 100k users.
They help you market your project to so many people out there, using different medium.
They will also hold an AMA series section about your project with more than 100k users.
This will increase the growth of your project.

They have 3 steps of #AMASeries need to complete the processing:

  1. Before taking place #AMA: Banner + Video trailer + Promote + Communities + Social.
  2. When #AMA happens: Full video + Images + Community.
  3. After #AMA: Must have review article + Magazine + AudioBook.

Below is the different categories of their services and it’s cost.


✓ Stickers, icons based on ideas plans, and banners.

✓ Many types of background music combined with voice over support for 8 languages.

✓ Notice on the morning message board of coinkeeper.

✓ Special guests,founders and CEOs from other famous projects will be joining your #AMA.


✓ Gif’s Animation rely on stickers and icons to create moving graphics

✓ Share to hundreds of social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Medium.

✓ Expand partnership with 300 other projects that are partners of coinkeeper.

✓ your ideas, we Choreographed movies and short videos with the most techniques.

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Interesting… but to apply this kind of budget we need to:

  • get onboarding of new users improved
  • IBC is live with TELOS, WAX, BOS there will be an announcement soon. That’s why we should probably look into promoting Boid by community members on those chains and get new users from there.
  • we have ambassadors that need to be more active and the discussion we should start is to maybe start rewarding ambassadors monthly or based on activity
  • until DAC Boid portal is live we probably won’t be expanding as fast as we can and don’t see investing too much in marketing…
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Could you show examples from previous projects, before/after or useful metrics to gauge the growth potential.