John Heeter Founder @ Boid


Hello! My name is John. My professional background is from the video games industry where I was a technical director. I think technology, science, and philosophy can be used together to solve basically every problem that humanity faces.

My introduction to blockchain was in 2015 when I discovered an innovative cryptocurrency called Gridcoin which incentivizes contributions towards volunteer scientific computing projects. I realized that Bitcoin and blockchain technology might be able to solve some serious issues with global economic systems while quantifying value that lays dormant within communities and reducing our reliance on central authorities.

During 2016 - 2017 I started to document and build prototypes around Boid while I was working with various crypto projects in the SF Bay area. In 2018 I started building Boid full time. The Boid private alpha started in early 2018 and the public launch/token went live during that summer. We have made some incredible progress over the past year and I’m excited to take Boid as far as possible! Lately I’m focused on building the backend logic for Boid Validators.

If you are reading this and you haven’t yet introduced yourself. Please write an intro post and you might get a BOID tip from me :smiley:

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Hello Boid world,

and I eat Boid to survive. My doctor is working on me but she is losing hope. As soon as my AI figure out more about myself, I shall update this post. :wink: