Invite codes not being charged

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Bug name

invite codes not being charged


on the testnet when you go purchase invite codes (10000 BOID) the invite code is purchased but the BOID is not deducted from your balance

How to exploit

I bought 7 invite codes and never charged - not sure if this was intentional for the testnet but assume on the main net you would want to charge the BOID

Exploitation results

In addition to codes not being charged the denominator of invite codes seems to max out at 5 even if you purchase more than 5

Great work finding this bug, it was caused by a recent change to the authentication system.
Rating: Critical

The fix has been deployed on testnet, let us know if you think the issue was not resolved and we can review again.

Yes seems to be working now. :+1:

I need an invite code. Ive been mining boid on and off 2 years and do not have nearly enough to buy into the testnet. Not even close. I thought I staked my boid but now I have no clue where they are

you can try using this invite code: boid-web