Greetings from Greece

Good evening everyone! Nice meeting you all! My name is Panos and I am coming from Greece!
I didn’t know about this project initially and I had tried Gridcoin in the past, I found it a bit complex with many “moving parts”. I searched for similar projects (to contribute computing power for a greater good in humanity) and then i stumbled upon an article in site about the BOID project and i tried on!

The people in this community are really helpful and as such I wanted to give something back! Since i don’t have any fancy mining rig except for my laptop, I am contributing to this project with my profession as a software engineer! :smiley:

Best regards,


Welcome panos!
@pmamatsis is a senior engineer and has already made great improvements to the Boid Desktop app. :+1:

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@pmamatsis glad to have you here. Cheers :slight_smile: