Feedback and Whitepaper difficulty quiz!

Don’t miss out on earning some BOID!

Boid User Feedback Survey.
We want to hear from the Boid community! Please complete this user feedback survey and leave your EOS account in the survey to receive 10,000 BOID tokens upon completion. Thanks! (10k BOID)

Boid Whitepaper Basic difficulty quiz.
If you read the Boid whitepaper then this quiz should be easy for you to complete. Your results for this quiz are graded for accuracy, if you are 100% accurate then you could receive up to 20k BOID for your answers. (20k BOID)

Time limited bonus!

You will receive an additional 5k BOID if you return results before 4/14

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Love the initiatives!!! new ways made available to make some more BOID during this quarantine period. :smiley: :mask:

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Feedback BOID tokens transfers made:

Nice, BOID tokens for everybody)))

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