Feature Request

Hi there,
I’ve been using BOID for a while up until recently when I could no longer provide the CPU I used to. However, I have referred 30 people so far and 3 of them are activly using BOID and producing a daily BOID return for me.
I have no idea who these 3 users are or how much BOID power they are creating and this is information I would like to know.

Do you think it would be possible for users to see who they have referred to BOID? Especially now that we can delegate staked tokens, I think this would be a great incentive to encourage more users to adopt BOID.

Personally, I would like the opportunity to delegate some staked BOID tokens to the active users I refer.

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That’s very interesting, the idea that you could stake to users you refer, and even offer that when you invite them . “join using my invite link and get BOID stake for one month”

I have a bounty to revamp the social invite system here:

Feel free to add more ideas or thoughts to that thread and we can start designing the new social invite system.

Add Version check at a minimum, and maybe even an update feature.

@pmamatsis has plans to add an auto-update feature to the desktop app