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After my recent brainstorm with Eric I would like to propose to create a documentation site with a changelog and a timeline. The issue I think we face now is we need more transparency as a blockchain project as we are. We need to start documenting everything in one place and have a proper up to date changelog.
I looked at some options and these look quite good:

if you have any other ideas of different open source documentation sites we could start using let me know.

A documentation site is a must, I have a lot of questions around boid but the only channel I am on at the moment is telegram, although the team are great and provide individual help I’d feel like I’d be spamming with the amount of questions I’d need to get fully up to speed with boid. Documentation site would allow people to have an area to read up on boid.

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Thanks, I also have a suggestion of this one:

Though I think this documentation site is more for technical users like validator or code contributors. Other data that is more relevant for an everyday Boid contributor should be posted here as topics/wiki pages.

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all done on docusaurus!