Desktop App stuck in a loop

I just had desktop app v0.0.53 stuck in a loop, restarting processing all the time
I have Win10 1903 (Build 18362.295). I had to shutdown app and start again to make it run properly. logs.txt (135.1 KB)

I’ll let @pmamatsis know. He’s been looking into this issue.

Hi @I_Seth,
i am looking into this issue. The two logs @jamiec79 provided are identical in the terms of the errors reported in there! I have stopped all the other assignments that @john has given me to look into it urgently! Honestly I am quite pissed because after our last update I believed that we had resolved this issue! Anyway…I will keep everyone posted in this thread as soon as anything comes up.

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Hi @I_Seth and @john,
i have tried various ways to reproduce this problem but to no avail. I thought that i found a method of properly shutdown the BOINC client (since i thought that was causing the issue) but again i couldn’t reproduce the problem. I would like to a favor from the community, next time anyone else has this kind of issue is it possible to check the Windows OS task manager tool in order to make sure that the BOINC client is running? The reason of this request is to make 100% sure that the bug is coming from the BOID Desktop program and not from the BOINC client.

@john do you believe that we can keep it in view until someone posts back any new findings?

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It did happen to me today already. I will give you more details next time.

I think that BOINC is in fact running because it is producing the repetitive log texts that you see. If BOINC was not running then you would only see logs from the Boid app. I have two function in the Boid app that are meant to restart BOINC if it crashes or fails for some reason when it is meant to be running. I wonder if those restart functions are causing BOINC to restart more quickly that it should, causing some data corruption that causes it to crash and then get stuck into a loop?

Hi @john, yes I can have a look at those functions. Are these in the boinc.js? I will be reverting back the soonest possible.

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Yes boinc.js line 146

And also there is a timer and restart process in the web app UI attached to the start function.

Dear Community good evening,
just to give a heads-up on this situation…we are proceeding in a small refactor of the application as far as the whole start-pause-stop process is concerned. I will soon be sharing more news. Please do bear with me on this one!

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