Card Game Proposal discussion

I have an idea for a game. What do you guys think?

Fully on chain card game that uses Boid Avatars and other Boid NFTs to apply bonuses.


  1. User pays a small fee in BOID to join the game (that fee goes into the rewards pool and part of it is burned)
  2. User chooses 12 Boid Avatar NFTs and up to 4 “Bonus” NFTs (other Boid NFTs in general) that when applied can give additional bonuses to attack and chance to get a better rewards.
  3. Reward has been chosen by pressing a random button maybe a wheel- BOID tokens or NFT
  4. There are 3 rounds where in each round there’s a limited number of avatar nft cards can be chosen (for example 4 out of 12 already chosen by the player) - they need to be predefined before each round and they cannot be used twice.
  5. Avatars fight against an oppressor attacking the Boid mothership ( each time the oppressor will have a different attack rate - maybe its a wave of alien drone ships?)
  6. Avatars stats are added in the round and they fight against oppressor with random x number of power
  • so for example one rating could be: ( top + torso + head + legs + eyes + large wings + mouth + small wings ) = Total Attack Power
  • there may be a bonus connected also with mint number and rarity (maybe that should be coming from the Boid Lore NFTs)
    Bonus = ( 1 / Mint Number ) X ( 1 / Total Mint ) X 1’000’000
    for example:
Card Total Mint Mint Number Bonus
1 10 5 20,000.00
2 10 2 50,000.00
3 10 4 25,000.00
4 10 6 16,666.67
5 40 30 833.33
6 40 24 1,041.67
7 40 36 694.44
8 90 42 264.55
9 90 66 168.35
10 90 87 127.71
11 90 12 925.93
12 160 43 145.35
13 160 20 312.50
14 160 73 85.62
15 250 110 36.36
16 250 158 25.32
17 250 150 26.67
18 250 26 153.85
19 500 327 6.12
20 500 42 47.62
  1. so we can have a user with cards with values like:
  • from Boid Avatar Cards - 80, 55, 45, 33, 23, 65, 12, 55, 78, 32, 60, 10 = 548
  • and we also have bonus cards staked, 4 of them = 24/40 (bonus: 1041,67) | 5/10 (Bonus: 20000) | 20/160 (Bonus: 312.5) | 327/500 (Bonus: 6.12) = | 21360.29

then we do: avatars X bonus = attack power
548 x 21360.29 = 11,705,438.92 attack

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I would to suggest an idea to the game:

Boid Alliance Mechanics:
Instead of facing the Oppressor individually, players have the option to form Boid alliances to combat larger threats. Here are the details:

Alliance Formation:

Players can choose to form alliances with other players before the start of the game.
Each player contributes a BOID fee to create an alliance pool.
Team Combat:

During the game, players combine their Boid Avatars to form a combat team.
The combat team faces more challenging challenges represented by more powerful Oppressors.
Alliance Bonuses:

The more players in the alliance, the greater the attack bonus and rewards.
Strategies may involve choosing allies with complementary cards to optimize bonuses.
Boid Diplomacy:

Introduce the diplomacy mechanic, allowing alliances to make agreements and negotiate resources.
Resources could include special actions during the game or a share of the rewards.
Multiplayer Events:

Special events occur periodically, where alliances compete or collaborate to achieve epic objectives.
Dynamic Challenges:

The difficulty of Oppressors varies based on the overall performance of alliances, encouraging collaboration.
Alliance Leaderboards:

Maintain leaderboards for alliances, encouraging friendly competition among groups of players.
Alliance Economy:

Part of the BOID fees paid by players goes to an alliance treasury, used to reward the victorious alliance.
This mechanic adds a social dimension to the game, encouraging cooperation among players and creating a richer narrative around the Boid resistance.

I think options like that could be added in the next version

I’m kinda trying to have a base version agreed first with basic functionality

I think it should be a mini game not too complex that someone can just come whatever time and just play for few minutes and come back to it anytime

more advanced game we are already doing with BoidVoid

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Game Title: BOID WARS

General Concept: BOID WARS is a blockchain-based card game that combines strategy, collectibles, and intergalactic battles. Players use Boid Avatars to compose their motherships, facing opponents in different scenarios and seeking rewards in BOID tokens and special Lore NFTs.


  1. Entering the Game:
  • Choose from 5 intergalactic scenarios, each with unique landscapes on distant planets, desolate universes, asteroid regions, etc.
  • Visualize the mothership panel, displaying attributes of both the player’s ship and the enemy ship. The panoramic window provides an immersive view of the confrontation.
  1. Mothership Preparation:
  • Pay a BOID fee to participate, determining the initial rarity of the mothership.
  • Basic attributes (attack, defense, vitality) vary based on rarity (common, uncommon, rare, super rare, legendary).
  • Choose 5 Boid Avatars to compose the ship, with attributes influencing the mothership’s performance.
  • Distribute points among attack, defense, and vitality to optimize the mothership’s strategy (Boid Power).
  1. Opponent Selection:
  • Pre-select the opponent, whose attributes are based on rarity and can be enhanced with a unique crew.
  1. Game Rounds:
  • The game consists of 3 rounds, where players measure their attack and defense characteristics against the enemy ship’s vitality.
  • Each round allows players to redistribute Avatar points to adapt to the opponent’s strategy.
  • Ships are entitled to one attack each round, with the result based on the comparison between attack and defense.
  1. Combat:
  • The attack result is determined by the difference between the mothership’s total attack and the enemy ship’s total defense.
  • Strategy involves wisely distributing points in each round to optimize the survival of the player’s ship.
  1. Victory Determination:
  • Victory occurs with the complete destruction of the enemy ship or by possessing greater vitality at the end of the 3 rounds.
  1. Rewards:
  • Rewards include BOID tokens and the opportunity to obtain special Lore NFTs, expanding the game universe.

Future Expansions:

  • Introduction of new elements in the lore, such as enemies, Boid motherships, enemy ships, intergalactic pirates, monsters, and other Anti-Boid.
  • Addition of new scenarios, challenges, and special events to keep the player experience dynamic and engaging.

Note: This is a simplified summary of the BOID WARS game concept. Detailed implementation would involve technical aspects of blockchain, graphic design, game balance, and other specific elements of game development.

I think instead of motherships it would be the dart ships or something else? I don’t really understand the mechanics of combat, it seems like you are just guessing how the other person will allocate points and hope that you allocate it in a way that beats them, I don’t see much tactics there.

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Certainly, there are likely many flaws in this initial idea. We would need more adjustments to achieve balance in a way that any ship can win up to the last round, considering not only the randomness of avatar point distribution but also tactics and extra resources that can be unlocked during rounds, such as special powers due to the synergy of the ship and crew.

I asked ChatGPT to create a batle betwen 2 ships based on this mechanic, check this:

Ship 1 Data:

  • Attack: 70
  • Defense: 30
  • Vitality: 150

Ship 2 Data:

  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 20
  • Vitality: 180

Points Distribution per Round:

  • Ship 1: 45 points (attack and defense)
  • Ship 2: 35 points (attack and defense)

Battle Simulation - 3 Rounds:

Round 1:

  • Points Distribution:
    • Ship 1: Attack +25, Defense +20 (Total: 95 attack, 50 defense)
    • Ship 2: Attack +15, Defense +20 (Total: 95 attack, 40 defense)
  • Attack Result:
    • Ship 1 vs. Ship 2: 55 damage (180 - 55 = 125 Vitality remaining for Ship 2)
    • Ship 2 vs. Ship 1: 65 damage (150 - 65 = 85 Vitality remaining for Ship 1)

Round 2:

  • Points Distribution:
    • Ship 1: Attack +10, Defense +35 (Total: 105 attack, 65 defense)
    • Ship 2: Attack +20, Defense +15 (Total: 115 attack, 55 defense)
  • Attack Result:
    • Ship 1 vs. Ship 2: 50 damage (125 - 50 = 75 Vitality remaining for Ship 2)
    • Ship 2 vs. Ship 1: 60 damage (85 - 60 = 25 Vitality remaining for Ship 1)

Round 3:

  • Points Distribution:
    • Ship 1: Attack +10, Defense +10 (Total: 115 attack, 75 defense)
    • Ship 2: Attack +15, Defense +20 (Total: 130 attack, 75 defense)
  • Attack Result:
    • Ship 1 vs. Ship 2: 35 damage (75 - 35 = 40 Vitality remaining for Ship 2)
    • Ship 2 vs. Ship 1: 45 damage (25 - 45 = 0 Vitality remaining for Ship 1)

Final Result:

  • Ship 1: Remaining Vitality 0 (Complete Destruction)
  • Ship 2: Remaining Vitality 40

This time, Ship 1 emerged victorious, completely destroying Ship 2 LoL

I’m going to wait and see if there are any more ideas hah

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haha ok, if i think in something better i will come back as well

I do like that it connects to the boidverse

not saying that it’s a bad idea. it has potential. but I’m not overly exited.

would be cool to hear from other members of the community

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ok guys this is another idea. which is based on some existing models for very popular games…

please make comments on the doc

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After reviewing the thread, I believe that we need a mechanism to prevent someone from just buying their way into winning, or based on the math but needs to be more RNG or a limit on high-power cards, right now it seems to me that it would be very easy for me to go buy or if I was an OG enough user to have several level 5 cards and that I would be unbeatable because it looks to me that level 5 cards automatically to win any kind of combat that we have disproportional to what is available to the general populace through blending their own avatars.

Some interesting mechanics I thought of also that would cause or create more avatars to be minted could be that they have a fatigue rate number matches they’ve entered or one, and that the fatigue rate may only be reset at the end of the season or maybe permanent to make highly valued cards less prone to being abused in the system, and create a market for avatar packs to be purchased and blended.

The other thought was possibly have a team of value when building your team if there are five cards that are going to be used for your team in the game, make it statistically impossible to use more than one or two level 5, and wait they gain strongly so that users would be more inclined to use mid-level such as level 3 avatars. I