Boosters and Offers

What are Boosters?

Boosters are used to enhance Boid Power generation in various ways and can only be added by the DAO. They typically provide a power multiplier or add power each round and have a limited duration. Boosters are used by the offers and can only be activated by claiming an offer.

Common characteristics of boosters:

  • Energy Boosters: Boosters are designed to improve Boid Power generation within the Boid ecosystem.

  • Variety of Features: Boosters can offer a variety of ways to improve Boid Power generation, such as power multipliers or adding power each round.

  • Limited duration: Boosters have a limited duration during which they provide their benefits. Once this duration expires, boosters are removed from the account.


How to claim boosters?

  1. You should select one of the Boosters.


  1. After selecting you can check the Aggregate Capacity, when Expires, the Power Multiplier and the Power Add.

  1. Claim an offer below to activate this Power Mod (You must keep in mind that you must comply with the required actions to claim the Boosters.)

In this example we have to comply with an NFT action, that is, we have to have Required NFT Template: 237.

Please note the specifications of the Boosters, Remaining Amount, Winning Round and Claimed Total.

  1. After completing the required actions, you can proceed to claim your Boosters.

What are the offers?

Offers are incentives designed to encourage participation within the Boid platform. These offers allow participants, identified by a unique boid_id, to claim benefits by meeting specific conditions. Upon claiming, the offer imposes certain actions and provides rewards until its conditions are no longer met or it expires.


  • A user must stake 100k BOID for 3 months (approximately 166 rounds) to claim a booster that provides 60 Boid Power for 30 days.
  • Staking an NFT with template number 237 for 1 month (about 58 rounds) enables a user to claim a booster of 30 Boid Power per round for 30 days.
  • A user on Team number 1, with at least 40 Boid Power and a minimum stake of 500k BOID, can claim an offer to mint an NFT with template number 555.
  • Having a minimum balance and stake of 5 million BOID for 1 month (around 58 rounds), plus staking an NFT with template number 888 and locking it for 70 rounds, qualifies a user to claim an offer that transfers 100k BOID to their Boid account.
  • A contribution of 45k BOID to team number 2 enables a user to claim an offer to mint an NFT with template number 777.
  • Paying 50k BOID tokens to the Boid contract allows a user to claim an offer resulting in 500k BOID being delegated to them for 90 days.

How do I claim my offers? Go to boid-web and check them out!

IMPORTANT INFO about offers that needs NFT staking:
You need to send an NFT or more NFTs to boid smart contract to your boid_id
this is an example of a multi NFT transfer on a block explorer: Open Block Explorer
The easiest way to do it is to go to and transfer an NFT like in this example:

To mint some Boid NFTs go to

Transfer button is now available in Boid NFTs when logged in with Telos Native account.