Boid Whitepaper 2.0 Released! - EARN some BOID

Hello Boid community and not only!
We would like YOU to read the latest Boid Whitepaper released by John Heeter and create questions based on that for portal that we will release soon.
Rules are:

  • questions need to be based on information found in the whitepaper and functionality of Boid

  • create questions for each tier: Basic, Advanced and Pro

  • each level will have 3 levels: 1, 2 and 3

  • there will be 7 questions for each level BUT each person can only supply 1 question per each level in each tier

  • each question needs to have one or more good answers (please supply them as well)

  • for each question used we will pay:

    • 10k for Basic Level 1
    • 20k for Basic Level 2
    • 30k for Basic Level 3
    • 40k for Advanced Level 1
    • 60k for Advanced Level 2
    • 80k for Advanced Level 3
    • 110k for Pro Level 1
    • 130k for Pro Level 2
    • 150k for Pro Level 3
  • Pro Questions - require users to review references, so answers cannot be found directly in the whitepaper

  • Advanced question - if you can find the answer in the whitepaper using CTRL+F then the question is disqualified

  • all submissions need to be given on a form supplied

  • each entry will only award registered Boid users

  • there will be a panel of 4 people who decide what questions to use

Boid Whitepaper 2.0 –
Form link:

Whitepaper promo lasts until end of 1st April 2020 (23:59 GMT)
May the Boid be with you!


I just submitted some questions. I hope you find some of them useful. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can I put these questions on chain :smiley:

Sure, what did you have in mind exactly?

Hello i just submitted about 20 questions. iam trying to get the rest together before the dead line. Iam on page 19 trying to finish reading everything today thanks. also please feel free to move questions from 1 level to the other as you see fit.

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Less than 24 hours left to turn in your Whitepaper quiz questions!

all reward transfers made!