Boid Team Promotions

The Boid Team Promotion UI is now live and visible on each Boid team page. Each team has been seeded with 1.2m BOID token promotions which are provided at no cost to the team leaders. Optionally, team leaders can add additional rewards for their team contributors. As team leaders add custom team promotions, those promotions will be displayed on the team page under the promotions section, and announced on various social channels.

Each team also has a user blacklist, when users are added to this blacklist, they will not show up on the leaderboards for any promotion, and won’t receive any prizes. If you don’t wish to participate in the team promotions, you can ask the team leader to blacklist you. Currently I automatically blacklist the team leader account.

Each Team Promotion has a few elements which are displayed in the UI when you click on the promotion.

Reward Type
Physical(team swag, stickers and other kinds of mailable items)

These rewards are manually distributed by the team leader. Users will receive an email to provide a mailing address
Coin(EOS Tokens and other crypto coins such as BTC XRP etc.)
Coins are distributed to the top users when the promotion ends. Users receive a portion of the prize pool proportional to their score on the leaderboard vs others.

NFT Collectible(unique blockchain medals)

These are unique collectibles that can be issued by the team leader. Currently they can be displayed inside the Boid UI, and soon will be transferable onto the EOS blockchain as a dgoods compatible NFT token to be stored and transferred among all compatible EOS wallets.

Leaderboard Type

Each Team Promotion has an associated leaderboard where eligible users are ranked. Currently, users can be ranked in one of two ways.

  1. Cumulative: This leaderboard is based on the cumulative BOID Tokens earned by users on this team during the promotion timeframe. Users who change teams will remain on the cumulative promotional leaderboards for each team where they have contributed. This type of leaderboard is best for long-running promotions, where you expect new users to onboard or join from existing teams. Users who have staked BOIDs have an advantage on these leaderboards as they mine BOIDs at an increased rate.
  2. Average: This Leaderboard is based on the average Boid Power of users during the promotion timeframe. Users are only eligible for this type of promotion if they are on the team when the promotion starts, and remain on the team until the end of the promotion timeframe. This leaderboard type is best for rewarding the most loyal contributors and early adopters.


Each promotion has a start and end date. On the start date, the leaderboard for that specific promotion is initialized. On the end date, the top users on that promotion leaderboard will receive the specified reward. The leaderboard for each promotion is updated several times per day.

Eligible Rank

This is the minimum rank that a user needs to be on the promotion leaderboard in order to receive the reward.

My Status

This is just a friendly indicator to let you know if you are located in the leaderboard for that particular promotion.

Distribution Type

This describes how rewards are distributed to eligible users. The methods are:

  1. Proportional: The prize pool is distributed among the winning users proportional to their relative contribution.
  2. Even: All winners receive the same reward.
  3. Custom: The prize pool is distributed among winning users using a custom rule that the leader has defined. For these promotions, a button is displayed in the UI that the user can click to read more details about how the leader will reward participants.