Boid Team Leader Cheat Sheet

Boid Team Bonus

Each Boid team has a team bonus built in. This bonus requires no investment from the team leader, and is designed to provide a slight advantage to lower-performing teams. The team bonus is expressed as a simple earnings multiplier with a natural range between .1% (The team at the top of the leaderboard) to 1.5% (the team at the bottom of the leaderboard). When new users join Boid and needs to decide what team to join, the join team dialogue presents teams to them in the order of highest team bonus to lowest. Optionally, team leaders can opt to stake additional BOID tokens. These tokens act as a multiplier on top of the team bonus.

FinalTeamBonus = TeamStake / 10,000,000 * TeamBonus + TeamBonus

FinalTeamBonus is capped at 3%. So for example. If your team is at the top of the Boid Leaderboard and has a TeamBonus of .1% a stake of 10,000,000 BOIDs would increase your team bonus to .2%. Likewise if your team is at the bottom of the leaderboard with a 1.5% TeamBonus a stake of 10,000,000 BOIDs would increase the team bonus to 3%. If you wanted your team to have a 3% bonus while also remaining at the top of the leaderboard you would need a stake of 290,000,000 BOIDs. Staking additional tokens does not increase the team bonus beyond 5%.


Every team gets a dynamic built-in bonus for each user on that team. If you want to increase your team bonus, you can stake more BOID tokens.

Boid Team Rewards

Additional information

Boid Team Rewards is an optional (but highly recommended) system for team leaders to offer additional unique incentives to their team participants. Team Rewards are the primary way for a team leader to customize their team and get creative. Team leaders can issue new team rewards at the start of each season and during the season as well.


What do users need to achieve in order to be eligible for this reward? Ex. achieve a certain rank on the Team Boid Power leaderboard.


The specified criteria needs to be achieved by a user account that has been on the team for a specified amount of time. Users can change teams during the season (every two days), so to reward faithful users, you can disqualify team members that have not been on your team long enough. Common timeframe specifications might be one week or maybe even two months (the entire season). You could also make short term prizes that are exclusive for new users (to encourage users to change teams, or when onboarding new users directly from outside of Boid).

User Tier Eligibility

All Boid user accounts are sorted into five tiers based on a global assessment of their relative contribution to the network. The bottom 5% of accounts are sorted into Tier 0. Many of these accounts are either very new users or spam accounts with very low amounts of power. Tier 1 - 4 includes the majority of average participants, and Tier 5 is the top 10% of network contributors. You can define rewards that are targeted at specific user tiers, For example, you could target tiers 1 - 4 only, to attract normal active users who might have 1-3 computers linked to Boid. Or make an exclusive prize only for the Tier 5 users (server farms and mining operations).


Users who reach this criteria get some predefined reward. Currently the Boid platform supports three different types of rewards, and we are open to more ideas from team leaders. The digital rewards are distributed automatically by the Boid system based on the criteria defined by the team leader.

  1. Any EOS token (or EOS itself), the prize will be distributed to all eligible user accounts. Token distributions are weighted by the account rank in the team leaderboard(higher performing users get a larger piece of the prize pool), and user rankings are segmented by the eligible tiers.

  2. NFTs, You can issue Non-fungible-tokens that users will be able to collect and display inside their Boid account. You can specify various characteristics about how the NFT should function. Additionally, When the dGoods NFT standard is finalized, all Boid NFTs will be transferable to user EOS accounts and visible in compatible EOS wallets.

  3. Physical Rewards can be offered such as exclusive team swag, computer hardware, hardware wallets, anything that the team leader can mail out. Users who win this prize will need to contact the team leader to provide their shipping information and claim the reward manually.

Onboarding Checklist

  • Boid account for team leader

  • Social media links

  • Team telegram link

  • Have at least 1M staked

  • Announce the team + start of season on social media.

  • List of each promotion they want ran each month - (If this is an EOS based asset they should be prepared to transfer this to the promo account when prompted so rewards can be automatically distributed.) Must include the following details:

  • Start/End date for each promo

  • Promo Reward Total

  • Reward Distribution: Proportional/Even

  • Leaderboard Metric: Cumulative/Average

  • Tier Eligibility: 0-5