Boid Community Call to Action! featured on The Uplifters youtube channel

This week Seth from the Boid DAC joined The Uplifters (Jimmy and Corey) to talk about Boid Powerpools. They dive deep on the mechanics of how the pools work and give some advice on how to maximize your Boid Power. We have seen a nice uptick in Power Pools participation as more users are learning about how to hop in. Check out the show and consider joining the Boid Powerpools today!

If you want to learn more there is definitions and explanations on each page of The Boid community is always happy to help answer your questions in our Telegram channel Telegram Bot now live

This week we released an update to the service. You can now trigger free PowerUps from within Telegram by sending commands to the Bot. This new feature comes with high demand as we have seen over 700 unique Telegram users access the bot to trigger over 4000 free PowerUps in just a few days. Try it for yourself here:

The funding for this bot came from the Eden trial run, Felix from the EOS Eden community created this short video which shows how the Eden process proceeded. Check it out:

Call to action for the Boid Community!

The social good aspect of the Boid platform has enabled us to cultivate a positive ecosystem in the blockchain space. Many long-term Boid contributors have gotten to know each other and we often share the same dreams and goals of what Boid and EOS could be in the future. With the introduction of the new Eden governance system on EOS we finally have a tool to fund and develop the EOS ecosystem and EOS project like Boid.

Every voice counts in Eden. Now is the time to start growing our influence in the Eden community so we can make our voices heard. Are you interested in helping us to grow EOS and Boid? We need your voice. We want to help make it easy for Boid community members to join Eden, so here is some resources for you to review:

As a Boid community member, we can walk you through the process of joining. To get started just reply to this thread and let us know you are interested in receiving an invite. Let’s grow Boid + EOS!

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