Boid Avatars Card Game

Hey guys. Which card game would you like to see as a first use case for Boid Avatars?

Get them into wombat dungeon and they will catch on fire.

That’s not a bad idea. Wombat might be one of the few to survive this bear market along with Boid and a few others that actually have more then one use case. In my opinion 96% of the PTE games will not survive. The ones that will are the ones with other uses like Wombat has a pretty good beginner friendly wallet for multiple chains. I haven’t played the game but I know a few people that speak highly of it.

I would say something new and different but that takes a lot of time and resources to do. Are you looking on just EOS or any blockchain?

existing boid avatars are only on eos atm but we will deploy on telos also

spoke to Adrian from Wombat and we will get Boid Avatars whitelisted on Wombat Dungeon in around 3 weeks