App Utilisation

I propose to add additional option regarding boid app users utilisation. At the moment you can setup it in % and when the user becomes active on the system it pauses all active work units.
What if we split this and we have one % setting for active user and one % when user is not active. So for example active 20% and not active after 1 min 80%

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You can disable it, by un-checking the “Pause on user activity option” under CPU Settings. The processing of work units will not stop on user activity. The Boid app will only stop the processing work units, if the CPU usage of a non Boid app exceeds 50%.

the problem is that if I’m working on the PC and I want a fluent work environment and I still want to have boid app running without stopping and resuming all the time it would be nice to have setting when I’m active on the computer and boid app running stable in the background so in my case for example with my i7 processor optimum setting is 60% CPU usage when working on the PC and 80% when I’m not around

Got it, maybe we could get a schedule option. For eg: Run Boid app at 90% from 23:00 hours onward till 07:00 hours. Assuming that the user sleeps during those hours and don’t use his/her machine. :smiley:

I think time option is good but possibly more easy it would be just to change existing option from existing one…
so now pause on user activity and resume after
change to % CPU on user activity and resume to % CPU after x time