Announcing Avatar, the Next Generation of Boid NFT's

Boid Avatars are a new central part of the Boid Universe and provide many unique benefits on top of being a digital collectible! Uniquely buildable, Boid avatars are (almost) infinitely customizable using tiered ‘parts packs.’ Each pack contains a random assortment of parts with various rarity scores, with higher tiered packs corresponding to a higher likelihood of containing rare parts

Purchase packs with BOID, trade with friends and create your own Avatar to represent your profile. Then create a collection of characters to sell, trade or give away(Atomic Hub Portal)!

The first avatar parts packs will be available only to whitelisted accounts. Existing holders of EOS Boid NFT’s from the following list are automatically included in the whitelist. All other EOS users will have access following the limited whitelist period in June 2022.

You may also join the whitelist by retweeting our Avatar announcement: Twitter Link

Airdrop Model for holders of EOS Boid NFTs

SmallPack MediumPack LargePack RarePack UltraRarePack
1x Gold 3 2
2x Gold 3 2 1
1x Silver 2 1
2x Silver 3 1
1x Bronze 3
1x Brass 2
BONUS ALL 1 1 1 1 1

Everyone (whitelisted first) will be able to buy packs for BOID tokens only:

  • Small - 50k BOID
  • Medium - 100k BOID
  • Large - 150k BOID
  • Rare - 200k BOID
  • Ultra Rare - 250k BOID

All BOID tokens used to buy packs on the Boid Avatar portal will be burned.

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