6 computing protocols LIVE!

We are already live on Telos Mainnet with:

  • Folding@Home: Cancer, infectious and neurological diseases.
  • DENIS@Home: Cardiac simulation research.
  • Rosetta@Home: Protein folding and medical research.
  • SiDock@Home: Drug discovery through compound docking simulations.
  • RNA World: identify, analyze, structurally predict and design RNA molecules on the basis of established bioinformatics software in a high-performance, high-throughput fashion
  • WCG (World Community Grid): Various global challenges, including health and sustainability.

We’re inviting our community to join the Boid.com teams for these projects, and contribute to scientific research.

Boid team links ready to join:

Your support is crucial for the success of these projects. Join us now! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

How to Participate:
Join Boid.com team on a protocol of your choosing and register with your boid_id in this format: boid_id@boid.com (or just your boid_id on Folding@Home)

Quick Start on Folding@Home

Other BOINC protocols

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Just an FYI to everyone, you might have to opt in to data (like power) being shared, even to the team leader. For some reason mine was off for WCG, but my account is older (2020) so this might have been changed by me in the past or something other than a default setting.

Please make sure your projects look like this (example is WCG)

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