OpenPandemics project is live!

Update on 1st of May:
"While we continue with beta testing, we wanted to clarify some details about the project approach.

The primary goal of OpenPandemics is to search for potential treatments for COVID-19, so studying proteins from SARS-CoV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is the highest priority.

Additionally, scientists want to fight not only the current emergency, but also prepare for the ones that will likely follow. Future pandemics could stem from a progressive accumulation of mutations, which can eventually lead to a new virus variant. This is what happened when the virus SARS-CoV1 mutated to become SARS-CoV2. So the research team will also include proteins from the SARS-CoV1 to be studied as part of OpenPandemics, which will help them assess how difficult would it be to find or design molecules capable of overcoming the inevitable mutations."

Update 6th of May:
"We are starting a large round of beta test for work units generated by the researchers. This test includes:

fixes for work unit generation
better smoothing of the averages during the build process
fixes to the science application calculations

This test will have around 40k work units (80k results) running version 7.15 of the science application."

This info was taken from WCG forum

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