New Teams & Sponsors!

Hello Boid Community!
Season 4 starts on the 27th of April and we need help with getting new teams and sponsors!

  • 1mln BOID tokens for getting a season 4 sponsor (3 max)
  • 200k BOID tokens for getting a new team leader on-boarded with a new team

any questions write here or to Seth on Telegram @I_Seth

Rulez for teams for season 4

  • each Team Leader needs to have 1mln BOID staked (can be delegated)
  • each Team needs to supply at least 20 EOS worth of rewards (that includes physical rewards)
  • each Team Leader if his/her team is in the top 50% of all Boid teams can earn up to 800k BOID tokens for the season
  • any team from last season not participating will be deleted
  • all crypto rewards need to be transfered to boidcompromo on the day of registration
  • teams can be from any chain or not even crypto as Boid users can be rewarded with physical items

Boid Sponsors:

Season sponsor will receive ad space in the Boid app, a dedicated page for users to learn more about their service, and also will be included in weekly emails. Boid is offering this option for 200 EOS monthly.

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