Boid & TELOS would like YOU to support COVID-19 (Coronavirus) research

Boid & TELOS would like YOU to support COVID-19 (Coronavirus) research.
The world is facing even harder times fast if we don’t find new ways to deal with this virus that’s why we would like to get users to help scientists with the COVID-19 research. We’re waiting for World Community Grid to allow us to do that but as time is a precious thing, we looked at other options for now and Folding@Home is the project that supports this research now. That’s why we’ve setup a Boid&Telos team on Folding@Home.
What do you need to do to help?

  1. Get yourself a TELOS account. If you don’t have one yet you can do it on Telegram @TeloscopeBot or here:
  2. Install software from here: Start Folding - Folding@home
  • as your user please enter your TELOS account name
  • enter our team number: 238663
  1. Start processing work units by using your CPU & GPU.

We hope that together WE will get it done. Everyone can make a difference!

For your participation we have 2mln BOID and 2k TELOS in the first month!
20% of the pool will go to 3 random winners and 80% will be divided between everyone participating based on their input. For next few months until the cure/vaccine is found we will be giving out even more rewards!

DISCLAIMER: When you start using F@H miner your devices Boid power will go down.


Congratulation for that. I started to support COVID-19 research using Boid&Telos team on Folding@Home. The whole world needs that kind of research projects and studies right now.

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Thanks for your support Jack!

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Stats from 15th April:

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Hello Boid Community!

Thank you for your participation in Boid COVID-19 F@H research team.

This is an exciting time for the whole EOSIO ecosystem as thanks to BOS chain and their IBC solution we’ve managed to transfer rewards for the first month to all participants of the promotion.

We had 2mln BOID, 2k TLOS and 2k BOS tokens to award.

Rewards transfer to TELOS accounts:

Random winners:

Boid team number 238663 on Folding@Home had 174 active CPU’s and is on 1351th (21st of April) place from 251579 teams (

We will continue supporting f@h research until World Community Grid releases their own work units for COVID-19 (,42232_lastpage,yes#623117)

You should check how easy it is to send tokens from one chain to another: IBC transfer examples

To find out more about BOS IBC:


Season 4 is about to start, and the theme is Coronavirus. I’m confused whether to run the folding app -> telos account or run the boid app -> eos account. My boid username is linked to my eos account, how does our boid username get linked to our telos account. Boid power dropped to zero while using the folding app. What are we supposed to use at the start of season 4?


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Season 4 has nothing to do with the coronavirus. The F@H app is the only one atm enabling research into the virus, so they added a donation to help incentivize boid users to join. I know they were working on something to add boid power later on, but for now I’d recommend switchting back to boid app if you want to mine boid.

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WCG is adding support for COVID-19 research called “Open Pandemics” which we will support, it should be available soon. This is much easier for us to add support for vs F@H. As soon as it’s available, all Boid users will focus on that research for season 4. The Folding@Home promotion with Telos is just a limited time promo and doesn’t generate Boid Power (but you do get some TLOS, BOID, BOS) However it’s not a large payout.

For simplicity I would just focus on running the Boid app and it will support COVID research as soon as it’s made available by WCG.

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The OpenPandemics project will have two objectives: first, to screen chemical compounds as potential treatments for COVID-19; second, to develop and make available tools & methods to streamline the computational drug discovery process, to be deployed against future pandemics.

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Hi all

I’m a BOID contributor for a long time now and as of today, I’m now contributing to the BOID Folding@home team too.

I’m researching a cure for COVID-19 with my 12 CPUs.



We all appreciate your participation, it’s great to hear from you!

Hello everyone!

The second and final round of payouts for the F@H Boid + Telos promotion go out today.

Since Boid now supports COVID-19 Research natively inside the Boid app, we are now encouraging everyone to switch back to running the Boid app.

Learn More:

Remember, in your Telos account you have now received IBC tokens for BOS and BOID. You can transfer those tokens across EOSIO chains by following the instructions here:

Promotion Payouts transaction:

Congrats to random winners this round:
pnwdrew2acct ivorychicken happysatoshi

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